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Non-Aligned Movement Summit

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Fifty-one years after its founding in Belgrade, the nations of the Non-Aligned Movement are meeting in Tehran.  You can read more about this here.

Logo of the Summit: Dove with colors of the nations

The members of the Movement represent 55 % of the population of the planet from 120 nations and represents two-thirds of the United Nations body.  Some have called this group the “real United Nations.”  United by its commitment to world peace and security, its five principles are:

•    Mutual respect for each others’ territorial integrity and sovereignty
•    Mutual non-aggression
•    Mutual non-interference in domestic affairs
•    Equality and mutual benefit
•    Peaceful co-existence

At its summit in 1979, Fidel Castro said the movement stood for “national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and security of non-aligned countries.”  These countries are just as much at risk from imperialism and foreign aggression now as when they were founded, and they must be vigilant to maintain their sovereignty in the face of corporatist aggression as well as that of countries like the US which are ruled by corporations and reflect corporate interests not those of the US people.

May I remind any reader who blanched at the quotation by Fidel Castro that Cuba during Castro’s term has not invaded nor bombed any country, does not murder people anywhere on the planet with drones, is, in short, peaceful.  Its health care is excellent and it offers health care support to other countries as well; its people have made huge strides since the ouster of the US backed Batista regime.  The US has a very recent history of rigged elections and a president who was not elected by the people, so it is not really on steady ground in criticizing any other country’s government for not being “democratically elected”.  It also has the largest prison population on the planet and is growing more and more vicious in suppressing criticism of its policies and persecuting journalists who criticize it.  I know that much of what the US public is told by the corporate media about Cuba is not true; Cuba is indeed, however, a big threat to US corporate capitalists.  What might the people of the US demand if they knew what has really been done there?

As for me, I am glad to see Tehran, which is surrounded by US military bases, threatened with attack all the time, host the NAM summit.  Representatives of 55% of the population of the planet are there to work for peace and justice for all people.

As the world economy, preyed on by the vultures of Wall Street who go unregulated even after the depredations that led to the crisis of 2008 which is yet devastating many people in the US and the world, heads for a terrible financial catastrophe in the next year, as the slaughter of innocent people and destruction of the world’s treasures goes on unabated, I am glad that the NAM is meeting in Tehran.  How can we, people of the US who don’t support its lethal policies, join with the 55% of the population represented at the NAM summit?

I for one am going to see if I can find, as I did for Ecuador, websites of some of these countries and let them know that I support them in their efforts to create a peaceful and cooperative world.