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An Open Letter to George Tenet

Monday, April 30th, 2007

The link above takes you to an open letter to Tenet written by former CIA analysts.

More death in Iraq

Thursday, April 26th, 2007


Those who died in Iraq from Apr 15 to 21:

Sgt Joshua Schmit  26  Wilmar MN
Sgt Mark Powell  37  South Wales UK
Sgt Mark McLaren  27  Ashington UK
Pvt Steven Walberg  18  Paradise CA
Sgt Mario DeLeon  26  San Francisco CA
Pvt Aaron Genevie  22  Chambersburg PA
Pvt Lucas Starcevich  25  Canton IL
Cpl Daniel Scherry  20  Rocky River OH
Cpl Jesse Delatorre  29  Aurora IL
Ltn Shaun Blue  25  Munster IN
Pvt Richard Langenbrunne  19  Fort Wayne IN
Cpl Michael Roja  21  Fresno CA
Cpl Wade Oglesby  27  Grand Junction CO
Pvt Jason Morales  20  La Puente CA
Cpl Ben Leaning  24  Scunthorpe UK
Sgt Kristen Turton  28  Grimsby UK
CWO Dwayne Moore  31  Williamsburg VA
Cpl Tomasz Jura  25  Poland
Cpl Jeffrey Bishop  23  Dickson TN
Pvt Christopher North  21  Sarasota FL
Sgt William Bushnell  24  Jasper AR
Pvt Michael Slater  19  Scott Depot WV
Sgt Marlon Harper  34 Baltimore MD

34 were seriously maimed.

85 wounded were returned to the killing fields.

738 Iraqi brothers and sisters were killed.

Protest today in Harlem

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

I received word late last night that Bush would be at a charter school in Harlem.  I was privileged to be able to join a group who included Grannies for Peace and a number of young people of many races and cultures to protest Bush’s regime.

Though the NYPD, as usual, had us corralled with barriers and a very large police presence, we were able to get within a half block of the school.  I asked a young policeman if he knew why they were dispatched in such numbers and why we were penned in.  He said he was there to control the crowd.  I asked if he thought we were out of control and he said “No.”  He referred me to an officer of higher rank, but that person was separated from us by barriers.  We chanted “Bush out of Harlem; US out of Iraq” and “Money for jobs and education, not for war and occupation”.  And such like.  We were entirely peaceful.  We only wanted to register to Bush and the world that we do not agree with his illegitimate regime and his illegal war.

I like lively protest and this was very lively.  I often take a little percussion instrument, a shaker, to mark time to the chants.  This time I had forgotten it, but many of the young people were clapping the time.

The school is on 144th between Frederick Douglass and Adam Clayton Powell.  That entire block was closed off by police.  After being for a while at the corner of Frederick Douglass and 144th, we marched up to 145th and over to Adam Clayton Powell and back down to 144th, chanting the whole way.  The citizens we passed nodded and cheered us on; passing cars honked and people inside them waved.

On the corner of Adam Clayton Powell and 144th were a quieter group of members of the Students for a Democratic Society.  Our noisy group seemed to make the police antsy and a larger contingent of them moved in.

I am feeling a great deal of rage that Bush, who has broken US and international law, perpetrates torture, and squanders lives and money in an illegal occupation is protected by the police while we who are peaceably standing on the sidewalk exercising our right to speak out are treated like criminals.  If I had dared to walk past the barrier placed in what may well be an illegal abridgment of my constitutional right to be on the sidewalk, I would have been immediately arrested.

I know personally people who are working to restore our democracy and stop this illegal war who have been arrested many times. Never once have they endangered anyone; mostly they were standing peacefully on the street.

I have come to the very sad conclusion that I no longer live in a democracy. I live in a police state with a criminal at the helm.  Sadder to me than that is that so few Americans care enough to write one letter, make one phone call, participate in one protest.

Had there been not a few hundred of us but a few hundred thousand of us today, the police would not have been able to herd us away from Bush’s ears.  He would have seen and heard us as we stood on the street our tax money pays for to tell him the truth.  Instead of that, I could have gone to jail today in a futile attempt to get closer.

When are you going to join those of us who are willing to be visible? When will you step up and speak out?

The toll this week

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007


Those who died in Iraq from April 8 to 14:

Ltn Philip Neel  27  Maryland
Sgt Todd Singleton  24 Muskegon MI
Sgt Harrison Brown  31 Prichard AL
Pvt David Simmons  20 Kokomo IN
Sgt Jesse Williams  25  Santa Rosa CA
Sgt Adam Kennedy  25  Norfolk MA
Spc Clifford Spohn III  21  Albuquerque NM
Pvt Brett Walton 37  Hillsboro OR
Spc Ismael Solorio  21  San Luis AZ
Pvt Brian Holden  20  Claremont NC
Pvt Kyle Bohrnsen  22  Philipsburg MT
Sgt Raymond Sevaaetasi  29  Samoa
Ltn Gwilym Newman  24  Waldorf MD
Cpl Jason Beadles  22  La Porte IN
Spc James Lindsey  20  Florence AL
Pvt John Borbonus  19  Boise ID
Cpl Cody Putnam  22  Lafayette IN
Sgt Larry Bowman  29  Granite Falls NC
Sgt Brandon Wallace  27  Festus MO
Spc Ryan Bishop  32  Euless TX
Cpl Daniel Santee  21  Mission Viejo CA

99 were seriously maimed.

70 wounded were returned to occupation.

338 Iraqi sisters and brothers were killed.

A message to the world from Cindy

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Cindy Sheehan:
Number 3,291

Click on the link to read an article from Cindy.

When will we stop this?

Saturday, April 14th, 2007


Those who died in Iraq from April 1 to 7:

Sgt Jason Arnette 24 Amelia VA
Pvt Danny Wilson 28 Workington UK
Pvt Miguel Macial III 19 Secaucus NJ
Spc William Bowling 24 Beattyville KY
Sgt Robert McDowell 30 Deer Park TX
Sgt Eric Vick 25 Spring Hope NC
Sgt David Mejias 26 San Juan PR
Pvt Aaron Lincoln 18 Durham UK
Spc Brian Ritzberg 24 New York NY
Sgt Bradley King 28 Marion IN
Cpl Daniel Olsen 20 Eagan MN
Spc Curtis Spivey 25 Chula Vista CA
Pvt Gabriel Figueroa 20 Baldwin PK CA
Sgt Shane Becker 35 Helena MT
Pvt Walter Freeman 20 Lancaster CA
Pvt Derek Gibson 20 Eustis FL
Cpl Joseph Cantrell IV 23 Ashland KY
Sgt Jerry Burge 39 Carriere MS
Pvt James Coon 22 Walnut Creek CA
Pvt Adam Smith 19 Liverpool UK
Cpl Kris O’Neill 27 Catterick UK
Pvt Eleanor Duglosz 19 Southhampton UK
Ltn Joanna Dyer 23 Berlin UK
Sgt Forrest Cauthorn 22 Midlothian VA
Spc Jason Shaffer 28 Derry PA
Cap Anthony Palermo JR 27 Brockton MA
Spc Ryan Dallam 24 Norman OK
Pvt Damian Rodriguez Tucson AZ
Pvt Daniel Fuentes 19 Levittown NY
PO Joseph Schwedler 27 Crystal Falls MI
Pvt Jay Cajimat 20 Lahaina HI
CPO Gregory Billiter 36 Villa Hills KY
PO Curtis Hall 24 Burley ID
PO Joseph McSween 26 Valdosta GA
Cdr Phillip Murphy-Sweet 42 Caldwell ID
Pvt Levi Hoover 23 Midland MI
Pvt Rodney McCandless 21 Camden AR
Cap Jonathan Grassbaugh 25 E Hampstead NH
Spc Ebe Emolo 33 Greensboro NC

90 were seriously wounded and maimed.
72 were returned to kill fields.

392 Iraqi brothers and sisters were killed

Camp Casey Peace Awards 2007

Friday, April 6th, 2007

The first annual Camp Casey Peace Institute Peace Awards Dinner was held Thursday night in Austin and it was a fine family reunion. The honorees have each contributed so much to the peace movement in so many ways, and it is hard to imagine this movement without them.

— Willie and Annie Nelson were honored for help in several capacities, including the contribution of a bio-diesel generator and fuel to run it, for Camp Casey 3. Cindy honored them for their work in SO many areas, as parents, as benefactors, and as leaders in many justice movements. She honored Willie’s work for Farm Aid, for example. And Cindy and Dede noted that Annie grew up in the town next to the one where they grew up, in the LA area near the Pacific Ocean, cruising the same areas, frequenting the same places. Small world.

— Jodie Evans and CodePink were honored for their assistance in the earliest days of Camp Casey. Needs were seen, and Code Pink filled them. Cindy was getting five phone calls a minute from the international media, could not sleep or rest, etc., in the earliest days of what became the Camp Casey Movement. She was exhausted, and Jodie arrived, offering help and assistance. And she has always been there.

— Colonel Ann Wright and Veterans for Peace were honored for creating a disciplined organizational structure at camp. Peacemaker Ann, the former diplomat, offered all her diplomatic skills when and where they were needed, and has always been at camp, from August, 2005 through the present. She is our camp commander.

— The Crawford Peace House, and especially Kay Lucas, Hadi Jawad, and Johnny Wolf, were honored for creating the place and hosting the multitudes that have come to Crawford through the years. Founded in 2003, the Crawford Peace House has opened its doors to the thousands of people who have come in the name of free speech to Crawford. Sunday afternoon we will celebrate the fourth birthday of the Crawford Peace House.

—  Ava Lowery, teenager and peace activist, was awarded a $2000 prize for being the Camp Casey Young Activist. She posts incredible videos, each a political statement, but each also a poetic recognition of the horrors of the war. She came to camp in August, 2006, and she is committed. What the world needs now is more Avas.

There were also several performances.

— Carolyn Wonderland of Austin was the opening act. A dedicated peace performer, she drove through the night following a Houston concert, to be at Camp Casey on Easter morning 2006. In August 2006 she had only two free nights without a scheduled concert, and on both, she traveled to Camp Casey to perform. With the strength of Janis Joplin she continues to amaze us. She is so sweet; she says we are her heroes. She bolsters our faith. Good match!

— Emmas Revolution were also Easter 2006 performers who are back for an encore. With humor and with political savvy, their songs are to the point.

— Hank Woji of Houston, a balladeer, sang three songs, each very poignant. This was an encore for him . . . he was at camp in August, 2006. Does Bob Dylan come to mind when you hear him? Well, yes. Hank put Carly Sheehan’s incredible poem to music and it was very beautiful.

— Jesse Dyen closed the show. Jesse is our Camp Casey sound man, going back to August, 2005, but Jesse is also our soul man. He closed the show with the beautiful Camp Casey Ballad, ‘Sons and Daughters.’ He has some new songs for the vigils and for the sunrise service Easter morning.

The Camp Casey Family will gather in Crawford this weekend. The first event is Friday from 2 to 4 pm, when there is a demonstration at the Secret Service Checkpoint. Jim Hightower, legendary Texas politico and author of the Hightower Report, said tonight at the dinner, the place called the Bush Ranch never was a ranch. When it was purchased to create the image that Bush was a Texas rancher, the land was a pig farm. Now, George Dubya Bush raises Brush. There are no cows on the land! Nor are there pigs, or even sheep, which are also raised in the area. Dubya chops brush! It is a brush farm! He raises woody plants and cuts them down. It is so strange how the news media always covers the same damn story. “Here is the president, chopping brush!” You’d think he just discovered the land and found it needed to be cleared. Hello! Not so! It was a pig farm!

Cindy announced upcoming events for the Camp Casey Family, who happily gather on holidays.

–May 14, the day after Mother’s Day, in Washington, DC, there will be a Peace Mom Parade. “We won’t leave until they arrest all of us, thousands of us, OR, until they impeach the president,” Cindy said.

— Memorial Day, at Camp Casey in Crawford, the Camp Casey Peace Farm will be dedicated. More details on this will follow.

— July 4 in Philadelphia an event will be launched. From there it will move to the Boston Harbor, following the footsteps of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Matriots, listen up — this peace movement has Founding Mothers.

That’s all for now from the Camp Casey Movement, Texas headquarters.
Peace, Patrice Schexnayder