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Ann Wright Fights for Human Rights in Gaza

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

This blog was started when I was at Camp Casey protesting on Bush’s home grounds the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and the war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated by the US.  It is focused on stopping US aggression and the torture that has become a commonplace aspect of it.

The recent aggressions by Israel (in January of 2009 and yesterday) are outside the narrow focus of this blog, but surely related to it. The US war machine feeds the Israeli one.  US taxpayers fund Israeli aggression, which might go on without US money, but for now is greatly supported by it.

I am especially anxious at this moment for the safety of Ann Wright, commandant of Camp Casey, the former US Army Colonel and member of the US State Department, whose skills in organizing were essential for Camp Casey and whose life since the invasion of Iraq has been dedicated to peace and justice.


She has been arrested many times in this country for peaceful acts of civil disobedience and is now detained in jail in Israel.  Her own country does not go to her defense, but her numerous friends and colleagues in the efforts at establishing justice and peace in the US and around the world are doing what they can.

Ann is a brave and principled person.  Here is a link to her last report on May 30, the day before the ships were boarded and the massacre onboard began.  It is typical of her to comment on the women among the activists on the boat and to give a lively picture of what it was like to be there.

Ann, I know you are faithful and unrelenting in your commitment to peace and justice.  I look forward to hearing that you are safely released.  I will not be surprised if, once again, you go right back to the effort to free the innocent women, children, and men of Gaza and anywhere they are not free from war and injustice.

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If you do facebook, Patrice’s page has a slide show that is also on youtube of people actually on the ships in the day before the attack.  I can’t find a way to link to the youtube slide show itself.