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Report from Libya by Cynthia McKinney

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

For once, Jack and I were on the same coast, in the same city, and at the same event!  We attended the event at Riverside Church in New York City where Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his powerful speech against the Viet Nam war a year to the day before he was murdered in Memphis.

Also speaking with Cynthia McKinney was Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney General during the Johnson administration and tireless activist for human rights, and founder and director of the International Action Center.

Cynthia McKinney went to Libya to see for herself what was really happening there.  A Libyan student doing graduate studies at CUNY reported before McKinney spoke that when news broke of the bombing invasion of the country, he and his wife had frantically telephoned home to see how their family were.  Stories in the news here of violence by the government against its own people in the city where there came from had alarmed them.   Khalifa Elderbak, the student, reported that there was no violence there at all, that nothing happened until the western bombs fell on that place causing death and destruction.

Because the US corporate media lie and misinform, McKinney was especially eager to see for herself.  She reports, too, that the violence is almost exclusively from NATO bombs.  She also saw, as have international agencies including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, that there was no violence by black mercenaries, there were no black mercenaries.

McKinney reported on some facts about Libya since 1942.  Unlike the countries invading it at this time, it has not invaded any country.  Unlike the US, it provides universal health care and free education at all levels for its people.  It gives much aide in both money and oil, especially to African countries.  These are just facts.

The large auditorium below the main sanctuary where Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke was filled, with many people standing at the back and along the sides of the large room.

Clearly, the US and its NATO allies are the aggressors and clearly they do not like Qadaffi whom they demonize and lie about.  It is not necessary to say he is saintly in order to recognize that the US does not tell the truth about him and to see that this “revolution” in that country is not a popular uprising like the ones currently underway in Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, and elsewhere in North Africa and the Middle East, including Israel quite recently.  There is considerable evidence that the “rebel”group that the NATO invaders have recognized as the “government ” of Libya is funded by the US covert agencies like the CIA.  A statement from the funeral of Younes,the leader of that group, by his son reported at this meeting is telling.  The son is said to have cried out at the graveside that he wanted to rejoin Gadaffi and the green flag (that of the country of Libya).

Videos taken during Mckinney’s trip to Libya where she is talking with people there were shown before the speeches.  You can read more here and here of her eyewitness reports during her stay in Libya as well.

Jack Urges Us to go to DC in October

Friday, July 29th, 2011

He says:

“Join me for a working vacation in The National Capital this Fall.  What are we going to work on this October? Try what is right and what is wrong.  That should keep us busy. Check the attendees, not counting me, there will be some heroes who I will want to see and maybe meet.”

Click here to go to the site of the organizers of this major protest.  Here is what a statement from that site:

“Why We Will Be There

It is time that we make a stand against the misuse of our funds for war and tax breaks for the wealthiest citizens while turning our backs on the poor, the elderly and children. We owe the next generation a sustainable economy.”

Christine Cegelis