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My Life is Not More Valuable Than Anyone Else’s Life

Monday, March 12th, 2012

When I posted photographs of what US taxpayer money funds in its wars on poor people in the Middle East, some of those who received notices of this blog asked to be removed.  I found that telling: telling of how much worse things are than during Viet Nam when the nightly news showed the US every day what it was doing and when people were outraged and took to the streets; when young men burned their draft cards and went to jail.  I know personally a man who spent years as an orderly in a poor Southern hospital because he refused to fight that war as a conscientious objector.  I know others who went to jail.

I know others who got “deferments” and were not drafted, men not unlike Dick Cheney who did not have to fight that war, nor resist it.  Alas, those men are the ones who have made decisions to fight these wars.  They are also some who just don’t want to be bothered with what the US is doing now.  Below is a photograph of what the US is doing now:

Child killed in US war, surrounded by grieving relatives

Here is a link to the article by Christopher Cooper where I saw this photograph.  I share his outrage and his despair at the US.

What are we doing to stop this?  Will we just let this happen? Do we not know that our rights are being obliterated as well as the lives of these people?  Do we really think that we are “safe” from our own government much less from the anger of those whose lives we destroy? Can we not read history and see where this leads?