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New Freedom Fighters Face Jail: Call the DA,Go to the Courtroom

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Jamel in Harlem on 13 September

Below is part of a statement by Jamel Mims, one of the new freedom fighters working to stop the New York Police Department  Stop and Frisk policy that victimizes our young black and brown people in New York City:

“The stakes of this case are undoubtedly high. This is the second mass trial resulting from the civil disobedience campaign that has sparked citywide resistance to the stop-and-frisk policy.  The Queens District Attorney added a serious misdemeanor charge to our case last month, and re-wrote our charges last week so that we are being charged as ‘acting in concert’ rather than as individuals.

“If anyone thinks this is just ‘business as usual’ and that authorities won’t convict us or send us to jail, let me reiterate — the DA has twice bumped up the charges, and has made it very clear that the prosecutorial apparatus intends to place us behind bars.”

Read the entire article here.  There is video of the march and protest where Jamel and others were arrested as well as Jamel’s text.

Carl and some of the students leading the march through the neighborhood on the day for which a group including Jamel are being tried.

Wed Oct 24, Court Support
9:30am Trial (Day #2)
Queens Criminal Court (11/19/11 arrests at 103rd Precinct: Jamel Mims, Carl Dix, Bob Parsons, Morgan Rhodewalt)

125-01 Queens Blvd. near Hoover Avenue & 82nd Avenue. The Summons Part is located across the street in the Borough Hall Building.

Take the E or F train to the Union Turnpike Station. The Q60, Q37, Q74 and Q46 buses all have stops in close proximity to the Courthouse.

And, read about my experience that day here.

Jamel is a Fullbright Scholar, multimedia artist, and arts educator in New York City.  His courage and determination inspire me.  I am glad to know him and ask everyone wherever you are to telephone the District Attorney, 718 286 6000, to demand that all charges against him and the other defendants be dropped.   If you live in New York and can go to the court on Wednesday at the address above at 9am to support Jamel and the others.