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Torture and Abuse Continue at Guantanamo

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Though most of the 779 men and boys originally sent to the torture camp at Guantanamo never harmed the US in any way, but were rounded up and sold for bounty or captured at the border trying to flee the US bombing, more than 150 of them still remain in the camp.   In addition to twelve years of illegal imprisonment and torture, they continue to be  mistreated.

Victoria Brittain writes:

“The horror of the place cannot truly be conveyed in words. Fifteen men are being daily force fed, in contravention of medical ethics. The current hunger strike has lasted since February and at one time involved two thirds of the prisoners. Men became skin and bones, according to their lawyers, one of who has an on-going court case to get an independent doctor into the prison to assess his failing client. Violence is a daily norm with invasive body searches and manhandling of prisoners in and out of cells by special teams of heavy soldiers in body armour. Solitary confinement for many has lasted months or years. A litany of physical injuries, psychological deterioration, and illnesses caused by the conditions of the last 12 years are fully documented and are an indictment of all those responsible at every level of US government and military.”

Capture at Tora Bora

You can read the text of the article here.  The hypocrisy of the US lecturing the rest of the world about human rights is ludicrous given that there is hardly any human rights violation worse than Guantanamo.  Furthermore, though it is the most famous, it is not the only US torture prison.

It is time to shut that torture camp down and release those held without charge in contravention of international and US law.  The “hearings” and pretense at legal procedure this late, when these men have been tortured and abused and confined illegally, are ridiculous.   Let them free.