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Friday, January 20th, 2017

Yesterday, George and I joined a huge number of people protesting Donald Trump here in New York at the Trump tower where he lives.

He, of course, was in DC at the time where there was also massive protest, but since we could not go there, we were very glad for such a big protest here.  Last Sunday we had been with just a handful of people in Central Park close to Trump’s residence, so I was very happy to see a big turnout yesterday.

There were a number of well known figures, the mayor of New York and Michael Moore among them, who gave speeches.  I was really glad that the crowd was so large, even though we were too far from the podium to hear the speeches at all well.  It was just glorious to have so many people out and protesting noisily.

I never thought to see a fascist government in the United States.  I was always censorious of the German people for allowing Hitler to come to power.  Experts on fascism talk about the ways Trump resembles the German fascists and ways he is different, but the analogy is unfortunately evident.  I must do what I can to stop Trump from doing here what Hitler did there and to get him out of office peacefully and legally.  Certainly showing up with thousands of other citizens to express disapproval and demand change is a good start.


Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Despite saying that he would since early in his term, President Obama is not going to close the prison at Guantanamo where forty-five prisoners still languish. Below are remarks by Jeremy Varon, a long time advocate of the closing of the prison and torture center.

“The continued existence of the detention facility at Guantanamo is a devastating policy failure for President Obama and stain on his legacy,” stated Jeremy Varon with Witness Against Torture. “The prison never should have existed in the first place, and it should not exist now. It is a place of torture, a giant crime scene with which the United States has never fully reckoned. In Gitmo, America has institutionalized the idea of indefinite detention without charge or trial. Holding exclusively Muslim men, the prison is also the fiercest edge of an Islamophobia that has only gathered steam.”

“And Guantanamo lies at the ready for Trump or even some future president to re-populate with U.S. captives,” he continued. “Sadly, it remains a part of America’s security apparatus, laws, and very soul.” From

For his part Trump not only wants to leave the prisoners there, but to send others to the nefarious prison camp.

This is a shameful and sad step on Obama’s part and will allow Trump to do his worst.

We can write and call both Obama and Trump as well as our representatives in both houses of Congress.  If anything, things under Trump will probably be worse for the remaining prisoners.

Shameful.  Another shameful blot on the United States.