I have read at least two articles today that liken things in the Trump USA to those in Hitler’s Germany.  Scary. The most recent contains this:

“Depriving vulnerable people of health care [as a result of the proposed Republican health care plan] is disturbingly reminiscent of the Nazi-era “Lebensunwertes Leben”—Life Unworthy Of Life, based on certain groups being a drain on resources and thus disposable to the people in power. It’s a harsh interpretation of a troubled time in America. But it’s an apt description of reality. Health care is a human right, not just a privilege for those with money. The merciless attacks on low-income health care programs effectively condemn thousands of people to an early death.”

The above from the article here.

The author is Paul Buchheit, an advocate for social and economic justice, who wrote “Disposable Americans” which was published this year.

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