Close Guantanamo:More From Protest Now in Progress


Andy Worthington, the expert on prisoners in Guantanamo, the prison, and US torture, whose film Outside the Law allows now released prisoners to tell their stories is speaking at the protest.

World Can’t Will will soon distribute the film in the US. To help them with that and the work of building a movement to close Guantanamo and stop torture, you can contribute at their website.

Frida Barrigan_small.jpg

Opening the press conference is Frida Berrigan.  A member of a family who have worked for justice for decades, she speaks eloquently of the need for a grass roots movement to close Guantanamo in the face of political cowardice.

These photos are very dark, but really it is day light in DC.  Members of World Can’t Wait are making these with cell phones and small cameras.  We want to get news out in real time and are willing to sacrifice photo quality to do it.

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