Close Guantanamo: More About Protest Now in Progress

I have been blogging and posting on facebook all day about the Close Guantanamo protest now in progress in Washington and had not checked to see if there is any media coverage of this event.

It is sad to me but not surprising that I can find nothing about the event.

I just asked on facebook about  Mohammed El Gharani pictured below:

Mohammed El-Gharani_cropped_bigger.jpg

What kind of country pays  bounty hunters for 14 year olds who were captured praying in a mosque in a different country from the one which that country says is where all the prisoners were caught?  What kind of country savagely tortures teenagers like this and keeps them in prison for going on a decade?  More importantly, what are those of us who are citizens of this kind of country going to do about these atrocities?

Mohammed El Gharani, whose story is told by Andy Worthington, is a real person.  He was captured at an age just younger than my grandsons now.  His life has been irreparably harmed, while he has never done any harm to the US.

This is a crime against humanity.  Scott Horton, lawyer and author, says that the remedy is to try the persons responsible for these crimes and hold them accountable.  Yes, we must do that.  It will certainly help.

But what can we do for young Mohammed El Gharani?  Do we not see that we must join with others to stop such atrocities now before more people are harmed in our name?

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