He Took His Sister to Be Married In Afghanistan and Never Came Back

What would it be like to take your sister to her wedding in another country and never return to your own country and family, your own wife and children, but be tortured in Guantanamo and held for over nine years without cause?

This is the case of Mohammed al Adahi, a family man himself with a wife and  two children.  He took a vacation in August 2001 from the oil company where he had worked for over twenty years, having never left his native Yemen before.  During that vacation, al Adahi accompanied his sister to her wedding in Afghanistan.

During the trip, he was seized on a bus in Pakistan and sent eventually to Guantanamo, where he was tortured as all the prisoners were.

Bloomberg reports:

“He [Al-Adahi] testified that he doesn’t believe in killing innocent people and never planned to fight Americans.”  Once again, there is not a scrap of evidence that al Adahi ever did any harm to the US or indeed to anyone.

It does appear that his sister’s husband was connected to al-Qaeda, but there is no evidence that he had any connection to that group.  Indeed, Judge Gladys Kessler granted his habeas corpus petition in August 2009, because she found no evidence that al Adahi had anything to do with al-Qaeda.


Judge Gladys Kessler

I want to quote at this point directly from Andy Worthington’s account, which is the source of most of these stories, though part of this particular case was also covered by Bloomberg.

In telling how Judge Kessler’s ruling was overturned Andy says:

“Judge A. Raymond Randolph (notorious for endorsing every piece of Guantanamo-related legislation that was subsequently overturned by the Supreme Court) launched an unprincipled personal attack on Judge Kessler, essentially ignoring the merits of the case, and describing her ruling as ‘manifestly incorrect, indeed startling,’ in an opinion in which he also attempted to claim that the ‘preponderance of the evidence’ standard used in the District Courts, which is already a much lower threshold than in federal court trials, was too high.

“Judge Randolph’s interventions, meanwhile, have been even more troubling. Having defended every piece of legislation related to Guantanamo that was subsequently overturned by the Supreme Court during the Bush administration, he delighted, in July, in overturning the successful habeas petition of Mohammed al-Adahi, a Yemeni who had accompanied his sister to Afghanistan to marry a man connected to al-Qaeda, but who had won his habeas petition because Judge Gladys Kessler had concluded that al-Adahi himself was not ‘part of’ al-Qaeda.

“This appeared to be correct, but in a ruling notable for personal slurs against Judge Kessler’s integrity, Judge Randolph not only reversed al-Adahiâ’s successful petition, but also indicated that he thought that the burden of proof in the habeas cases was too high, even though the government only has to establish, by a preponderance of the evidence (a potentially very vague balance of probabilities), that the petitioners were ‘part of’ al-Qaeda and/or the Taliban to approve their ongoing detention.
In January of this year Bloomberg reports that the US Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal to reinstate that he be released from the torture camp at Guantanamo.

As Andy has pointed out, the underwear bomber of December 2009 caused the Obama regime to refuse to release any more of the prisoners from Yemen, even those who had been cleared before that, like al-Adahi.

Mohammed al-Adahi is another man who should never have been taken prisoner, never sent to Guantanamo much less tortured, which is never legal even for heinous criminals, never involved in this repugnant and illegal US gulag.  This is another example of the junk law, the real lawlessness, that characterizes the entire US system.

My tax money pays for that prison.  My tax money pays the head of the regime and the members of the Justice (sic) Department who handle these cases and the judges who make the decisions.  I am responsible.  My country is engaging in illegal activity.  I am working to stop this so that I can say truthfully that I did not participate in these illegal actions, that I am not like the “good Germans” of the Nazi era.  Are you?

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