Mohammed Nabi Omari, Imprisoned and Tortured Because of Unsubstantiated Reports by Unnamed Persons

Mohammed Nabi Omari is one of a number of Afghans who are still imprisoned in Guantanamo.  As with most of the remaining prisoners, there are wild allegations about him, but not credible evidence that any of them are true.  He is alleged to have worked for the Taliban, but it must be remembered that the US funded the Taliban and other Muslim warlords to fight the Russians.  Omari says he did work for the Taliban, but before the US invaded Afghanistan.

In one of the US military “court” hearings at the Guantanamo prison, Mohammed Nabi Omari mentioned working in an office for an American named Mark.  He is quoted by Andy Worthington as saying “There were lots of good people and bad people that are in Khost.  You [the US authoritities] asked all of the bad people but did not ask any of the good people in Khost about me.”

In cases of entirely hearsay evidence, which is all there is in most of the cases of the prisoners at Guantanamo, the reports of “bad people” can be devastating.  I would hate for my freedom and my life to be at the mercy of unidentified hearsay evidence from someone who thinks that it is traitorous to disagree with the policies and practices of the US government.  There are such persons, and while they have the right to believe whatever they want to, and indeed may be “good” people, their opinions should not be the basis for imprisonment and torture of people.

If there were credible evidence against Mohammed Nabi Omari, surely it would have been produced years ago.  Since there is none, he should released immediately.  All the prisoners held there in contravention of US and international law should also be indemnified.

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