“strains credulity”: The Story of Uthman Abdul Rahim Mohammed Uthman

“On March 29, 2011, [Uthman Abdul Rahim Mohammed Uthman‘s February 24, 2010 habeas corpus ruling declaring his imprisonment illegal] was overturned in a United States federal appeals court. [The Obama regime had appealed immediately upon the original decision.]  The three judge panel stated that Uthman’s explanation of his activities ‘strains credulity’.”  Read the rest here of the statement here. Also, read Andy Worthington’s response to this shameful decision here.

I felt outrage when I read this.  What strains credulity is that the US continues to perpetrate these illegal outrages.

I now quote Andy Worthington’s report of the habeas corpus decision verbatim:

“Uthman, who ‘said that he had traveled between Kabul and Khost teaching the Koran from March to December 2001.’ won his habeas corpus petition in February 2010, when Judge Henry H. Kennedy Jr. ruled that the main allegation against him ”that he had ‘acted as a bodyguard for Osama bin Laden” came from unreliable statements made by two other prisoners, Sharqwi Abdu Ali al-Hajj (ISN 1457) and Sanad Yislam Ali al-Kazimi (ISN 1453). Judge Kennedy stated, ‘The Court will not rely on the statements of Hajj or Kazimi because there is unrebutted evidence in the record that, at the time of the interrogations at which they made the statements, both men had recently been tortured.'”

Not only are these prisoners tortured but they are asked under torture to give accounts of the other prisoners.  Such treatment of prisoners is, of course, illegal.  Any “evidence” acquired in that way is, of course, inadmissible.

Recent reports of the nature and intentions of the torture methods used by the US have revealed that it is intended to cause the prisoners to give such accounts.  I cannot find words to express my outrage at all of this.

Jason Leopold and Jeffrey Kaye reported on TruthOut

“But the handwritten notes obtained exclusively by Truthout drafted two decades ago by Dr. John Bruce Jessen, the psychologist who was under contract to the CIA and credited as being one of the architects of the government’s top-secret torture program, tell a dramatically different story about the reasons detainees were brutalized and it was not just about obtaining intelligence. Rather, as Jessen’s notes explain, torture was used to exploit detainees, that is, to break them down physically and mentally, in order to get them to collaborate with government authorities.”

It is appalling that these three judges are unwilling to challenge such “collaboration.”

To what depravity has the US descended! I demand the immediate release and indemnification of Uthman Abdul Rahim Mohammed Uthman and the immediate investigation of the US government for crimes against humanity.

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