Ibrahim Idris

Ibrahim Idris says, according to the report of his appearance at the kangaroo court in Guantanamo, (link to Worthington’s website here), that he was seized in Pakistan where he had gone as a missionary.  He is quoted as saying that the US interrogators made him say things that were not true.  Certainly, torture is known to make people say whatever the torturer wants to hear in order to make the torture stop.  The US claims that Idris, who is sometimes said to be from the Sudan and other times from Yemen, fought with the Taliban against the Northern Alliance.

The response to that, even if it were true, is “and so what if he did?”  The Taliban were the government of Afghanistan until overthrown by the US.  Soldiers of official governments engaged in wars who are captured are protected by the Geneva Conventions, which forbid humiliating a prisoner much less torturing him or her.  Also, when hostilities are over, prisoners of war are returned to their countries.  Ibrahim Idris, whom the US government has never proven even to have fought for the Taliban or indeed for anyone, languishes even now, a decade later, in the torture camp at Guantanamo.

The is lawless US behavior.  Let us do all we can to stop it and to work for justice and freedom for Ibrahim Idris and the remaining prisoners in the US torture camps.  I want to remember that Ibrahim Idris is indeed my brother.  I want to do for him what I would do for my own brother in a similar situation.

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