Abd al Malik al-Rahabi: False Confession Under Torture

Even Pentagon authorities in July 2002 advised that torture would produce “unreliable information.”

Because torture is morally repugnant even if that were not true, I am opposed to it; but authorities from time immemorial have denounced it as a means of getting information because it doesn’t get good information.

Several of the stories of the remaining 172 prisoners in the Guantanamo torture camp reveal that prisoners gave false statements under torture.  They told the torturers what they wanted to hear to get the torture to stop.  Indeed, human beings are known to give false information when much less is involved than torture but when they are afraid.  Some of those tortured told lies about other prisoners; some of them told lies about themselves.

Abd al Malik al-Rahabi, from Yemen, says that he gave “false confessions” under torture.  His lawyers say that what really happened is that Adb al Malik al-Rahabi went with his wife to Pakistan to study the Quran around  September of 2000.  Their daughter was born in that country.  In November of 2001, his wife and daughter returned to Yemen where he planned to join them, but he was arrested in Pakistan.  He was sold to the US, who tortured him into a false confession and keep him to this day in Guantanamo.  Read more on Worthington’s site.

The criminals here are the US officials who authorized the bounty hunting and the wanton imprisonment and torture. These lawless actions need to be investigated, and the persons who authorized and perpetrated them must be held accountable in legitimate courts of law.  In the meanwhile, Abd al Malik al-Rahabi, who was given none of those rights, should be freed immediately to rejoin his wife and daughter.

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