Abdul Latif Nassir

Abdul Latif Nassir from Morocco said in one of the US military hearings in Guantanamo that “he disagreed with what bin Laden and al-Qaeda were doing outside of Afghanistan” and that “he did not think Osama bin Laden was in a position to issue a fatwa because he is not an Islamic scholar.”  Furthermore, he found the attacks of September 11 “against Islamic principles to attack innocent people.”  He denies being a member of that organization.

The US has a long string of allegations about him, but no credible evidence to support any of them.  Typically it mixes up al-Qaeda and the Taliban, as though they were the same thing.  The allegations are, as is so often the case, likely the result of torture of other prisoners.

What his lawyers from the British group Reprieve say is that he was a small business man in Libya and the Sudan and spent time in Yemen and Pakistan.

The lawyers also report that Abdul Latif Nassir has been treated with especial abuse because he stands up for his own and his fellow prisoners’ rights.

Read more about Abdul Latif Nassir on Andy Worthington’s site.

Abdul Latif Nassir should be released unless there are real charges against him that can be proven in a court that is credible in the international community.

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