He Went to Afghanistan Looking for Work

Samir Moqbel, from Yemen, went to Afghanistan, according to the report of Andy Worthington to look for work.  As the oldest son of seven in his family, as his Reprieve lawyers explain, he was the principal financial breadwinner of the family.  He had been working in a factory in Yemen earning $50.00 a month.  Though he found that what he had heard about jobs in Afghanistan was not true, he went there hoping to earn more.

Worthington quotes Samir Moqbel as saying in a hearing at Guantanamo, “I thought Afghanistan was a rich country, but when I got there I found out different… it was all destroyed with poverty and destruction.”  Indeed after decades of war, that was a good description of Afghanistan in 2001; it is much worse now after another decade of bombing and destruction by the US.

Outrageous accusations, probably from another prisoner under torture, were leveled against Samir Moqbel.  His response, reported by Andy Worthington is eloquent.  In a hearing at the torture camp, he said, “These accusations make you laugh. These accusations are like a movie. Me, a bodyguard for bin Laden, then do operations against Americans and Afghanis and make trips in Afghanistan? I don’t believe any human being could do all these things.  This is me? I have watched a lot of American movies like Rambo and Superman, but I believe that I am better than them. I went to Pakistan and Afghanistan a month before the Americans got there. How can a person do all these operations in only a month?

Another of the Yemenis held without charge for ten years, tortured, and with no end of his imprisonment in sight since the Obama administration will not release these prisoners, Samir Moqbel is buried alive in Guantanamo away from the family who still need his support.  Reprieve reports that he has not received mail from them in a long time.  The web of suffering spreads wide.

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