Mohammed Ghanim

Mohammed Ghanim, from Yemen, was accused of having fought jihad in Bosnia, but according to Andy Worthington’s report, he denies this.  He says he has only fought in Afghanistan.

More unsubstantiated allegations (probably exacted under torture from another prisoner) are that he fought in the civil war in Yemen and was a bodyguard of Osama bin Laden.  These are improbably and no evidence has been produced to prove such charges.

Like many of the other Arabs who went to Afghanistan to support a Muslim government, Mohammed Ghanim, appears to have been a low level foot soldier for the official government of Afghanistan and should have been given Geneva Convention protections and released when the Taliban fell.  Instead, he was, as nearly all these prisoners were, sold to the US and ended up in Guantanamo, a victim of torture and abuse.

A prisoner who has been released from the Guantanamo Bay torture camp reports anonymously on the CagePrisoners website that Mohammed Ghanim is subject to very great abuse.  The report, which you can read here, says in part that Mohammed Ghanim

” would get moved from cell to cell, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, sometimes cell to cell, sometimes block to block, over a period of eight months. He was deprived of sleep because of this and he was also deprived of medical attention. He had lost a lot of weight.”

Also, “he was put in Romeo Block where the prisoners would be made to stand naked. It was then left to the discrection of the interrogators whether a prisoner was allowed clothes or not.”

Humiliation of a prisoner is proscribed by the Geneva Conventions.  The treatment of Mohammed Ghanim and the other prisoners is beyond humiliation, it is torture.  He must be released at once and indemnified.

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