Occupy Marines

The Marines, specifically veterans of that corps, are sending themselves to the aid of the Occupy Wall Street movement and bringing members of the other service branches with them.

“There is nothing more central to a free and democratic people than the right to dissent, the right to disagree, the right to stand up in the town square and be heard… I feel quite sure that in standing in solidarity with the peaceful Occupy Wall Street movement, I am doing no less than upholding my oath as an American soldier.”

These are the words of veteran Alex Limkin.  They reflect the thoughtful and serious attitude of the many veterans for peace I have met in the years since I went to Camp Casey.  Indeed, Camp Casey was originated at a Veterans for Peace conference and was supported from the start by veterans including Colonel Ann Wrigth, the organizing force behind it.

The oath of US armed forces begins with this clause:

“I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”

Sgt. Shamar Thomas took that oath seriously as he defended the right of citizens participating in Occupy Wall Street to protest without being molested by the police.  Now his branch of the armed forces have formed Occupy Marines, with a view to securing the safety of the occupiers and the sustainability of the movement.  Watch Sgt. Thomas here.

#OrganizeMarines states, “Security forces/police should be seen as potential recruits to our cause and message, not as adversaries.”

If they could help the police to see their role as defending the rights of the people rather than protecting the privileges of the few, a very great change could take place here.  If they could take their place in the equalitarian and inclusive model of social organization that the Occupy movement is creating, then, indeed, a revolution of the best sort could be possible.

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