Said al-Busayss: Cleared But Still Imprisoned

Said al-Busayss, from Yemen, went in 2000 to Afghanistan to help the Taliban government defend itself from the contast attack by other warlords in the country in the ongoing conflicts.  He was trained there and sent to the front lines.

When the US invaded,  Said al-Busayss was given the option of staying or escaping to Pakistan and he decided on the latter.  He gave up his weapon there and was arrested, no doubt sold to the US for bounty really, by the border authorities.

Again and again, it is necessary to repeat that there is no evidence Said al-Busayss ever fought against the US, who were after all the invaders in this country.  There is no evidence that he did any harm to the US in any way at any time.  At the end of the conflict with the US, even if he had been fighting agaisnt it, he should have been released.  And, of course, he should not have been tortured, but treated humanely.

Instead, Said al-Busayss has been tortured, sent half way around the world and kept in the Guantanamo torture camp, even though he was cleared at a military hearing at the prison there during the Bush regime. Many other prisoners like him have long since gone home, but Said al-Busayss is till in prison.  He must be released and indemnified.

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